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      "Write to Simon Sudbury!""Stephen Holgrave," continued the foreman, still speaking in a low tone, but slowly and distinctly, "you can now return the service of that night. I want your aid immediately;it is not in a matter that will hazard your life. I have given a promise, and you are the only man that can aid me to keep it. Will you assist me?"

      "Yes, I was a freeman, and I was a yeoman; but I am now avillein! Ay, starestare! I live through it all. It was but the space of a momentthe drawing of a breath, that changed me from a man who dared look the heavens in the face, and close his door, if he listed, on even the baron himself, to a poor worm, that must crawl upon the earth, and has not even this (taking up a log of wood) that he can call his own. True, it was not my birthright, but I earned it, in sweat, in hunger, and cold, and I fought for it amidst swords and lancesand I sold it, like a traitor, forher!" And he pointed, with a look of bitter reproach, to his wife.

      "We are resolved, my lord bishop," said Richard, as he threw himself on a seat by his mother; and, turning to an attendant, commanded that the royal barge should be instantly in readiness.

      "You would not venture your sacred person among them, my liege!" cried Sir Robert Hales the treasurer, in alarm.


      "Yes, instantly. You shall know the business in less than half an hour."


      "The child is exceedingly like you!" remarked Richard."Mary Byles," he began, "I have one more question to ask you. How many drops of that fatal potion was it that Edith Holgrave told you to give my lord's infant?"


      "There will be no strife, Margaret, to-night, or to-morrow. The commons of London are rising to help us, and the king will not hold out when he seesbut no matter. Tell me how you have fared. When I left Sudley, to join the commons, you were taken charge of by your brother, who, no doubt, placed you here with your friend Lucy, on her marriage with Wells"